"Preparation technology and equipment of high-strength and high-modulus polyimide fiber with an annual output of 30 tons" passed the result appraisal

Time:2021-11-08 01:43:24

        The "30 tons of high-strength and high-modulus polyimide fiber preparation technology and equipment" project jointly completed by Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Jiangsu Shino New Material Technology Co., Ltd. passed the achievement appraisal in Beijing on June 25, 2016. Experts agree that the overall technology of this achievement is at a high level in the world.
        The appraisal meeting was hosted by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. Academician Zhou Qifeng of Peking University and Academician Chen Xiangbao of AVIC Beijing Aviation Materials Research Institute served as the director and deputy director of this appraisal meeting. Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Society of Chemical Engineering, the Military Equipment Research Institute of the Ministry of Logistics Support, and the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences formed an appraisal committee. Also present at the meeting were Hu Qianlin, Secretary General of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Wang Feng, Vice President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Professor Yang Wantai and Professor Zhang Liqun of the School of Materials Science and Technology. Vice President Wang Feng and Dean Yang Wantai respectively introduced the research and development situation and work experience of Professor Wu Dezhen's team in polyimide fiber on behalf of the school and the college. The participating experts listened to reports on the team's work, technology, testing, and novelty search, and reviewed relevant appraisal materials.
        Among the organic fiber materials, high-strength and high-modulus polyimide fibers have excellent comprehensive properties, such as high and low temperature resistance, ultraviolet and radiation resistance, flame retardancy, insulation, and chemical corrosion resistance, but the preparation technology is very difficult. The obtained polyimide fiber has tensile strength ≥3.5GPa, modulus ≥150GPa, glass transition temperature ≥340℃, 5% thermal decomposition temperature ≥550℃. Preliminary application research shows that the fiber has broad application prospects in the fields of bulletproof, wave penetration, pressure vessel, and thermal protection.
        There are three main innovations in this achievement: First, the innovative design and development of a new chemical structure polyimide fiber material with high strength and high model points. The second is to invent the integrated spinning process of coagulation, drawing, and thermal imidization of polyamic acid solution. Through the cooperation of technology and equipment, it is realized that starting from the polyimide prepolymer-polyamic acid solution, directly Obtain high-strength and high-modulus polyimide fiber. The third is that the achievement independently designed and developed the integrated preparation process and complete equipment for high-strength and high-modulus polyimide fibers, and built an integrated production line with an annual output of 30 tons of high-strength and high-modulus polyimide fibers at home and abroad, and realized stable production in small batches.
        At the same time, the Appraisal Committee recommends to further increase investment, strengthen applied research and promotion, and realize large-scale production as soon as possible.