• 2023


    The groundbreaking ceremony for the new high-performance polyimide fiber project was successfully held
    Selected as a national level specialized and innovative "Little Giant" enterprise
    Potential Unicorn Enterprises in Jiangsu Province
    Gazelle Enterprise in Sunan Self created Zone
    Obtained the title of Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center
  • 2022


    The preparation technology and application of 100 ton high-strength and high modulus polyimide fibers have passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal: internationally leading level
    Start the construction of a new factory area and expand production capacity
    Obtained the title of specialized, refined, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Jiangsu Province
    Approved 2022 Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Project
    Changzhou New Carbon Materials Cluster
  • 2021


    Obtained the title of Municipal Engineering Technology Research Center
    Selected as Innovative Products for 2021 Chemical New Materials
    National Satellite and Space Exploration Material Production and Application Demonstration Platform
  • 2020


    Led the formulation of the national standard "High strength and high modulus polyimide filament"
    Construction of a new 100 ton production line
  • 2019


    The 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
    Winning in the New Materials Industry Finals
    The company's products have entered the downstream verification stage
  • 2018


    Successfully tested the 100 ton line
    Rapid expansion of the civilian market
    Accelerated industrialization process
    Selected as the first batch application demonstration directory of key new materials by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
    Listed as one of the "Seven Major New Materials" under the Key Promotion of the National Leading Group for the Development of the New Materials Industry
  • 2017


    National high-tech enterprises
    Carry out market promotion
    100 ton production line completed
    Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Plan
    Undertake national key projects during the 13th Five Year Plan period
  • 2016


    Identified through scientific and technological achievements: internationally leading level
    Introducing a management team, Preparation for the construction of a 100 ton production line
  • 2015


    Realize the engineering preparation of high-strength and high modulus PI fibers
    Launch products to fill market gaps
  • 2014


    Successful pilot line test
    Implement engineering preparation of universal PI fibers
  • 2013


    Company registration and establishment
    Construction of pilot line