Our company and the graduate students of the School of Materials Science and Technology of Beijing University of Chemical Technology conducted the "Red 11" scientific and technological pract

Time:2021-11-08 01:43:30


        On April 19, the materials research 1501 and 1511 of the School of Materials Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and the Party branch were introduced by the Changzhou Advanced Materials Research Institute to the company to implement a three-day "Red 11" technology project to complete the polyimide fiber Production practice and technology promotion.
        Our company's executive deputy general manager Yu Wenxiao, R&D manager Han Enlin, and quality inspection director Chen Jinmei received them. Manager Yu Wenxiao first welcomed them, and led the students to visit all kinds of polyimide products produced by our company. Minister Chen Jinmei introduced to them the history of our company's entrepreneurial history, structure and scale, production methods, and sales status.
        Subsequently, Han Enlin, manager of the R&D department, led the students to the conference room and introduced them to the technical characteristics of polyimide fiber in the production process and the application performance that needs to be improved urgently. The students sorted out a reasonable improvement method based on the referenced literature and the guidance of the instructor. Subsequently, the two parties carried out the division of tasks according to the students' research direction and actual production situation. The worker master and the students exchanged the similarities and differences between actual large-scale production and laboratory operations during production practice, and the two sides complemented each other for mutual benefit.
        The student party members' practice activities not only promoted the development of our company's polyimide products, but also enabled the students to apply their knowledge to the transformation of results, and deeply understand the progress of learning, research, and production.