Deputy Mayor Shi Zhijun and other leaders visited Xiannuo New Materials to inspect and guide the work

Time:2021-11-08 01:43:09

        On the morning of February 23, 2017, Changzhou Municipal Government Deputy Mayor Shi Zhijun, West Taihu Science and Technology Industrial Park Party Working Committee Secretary Liu Zhifeng and other leaders visited our company for inspection and guidance. Our company’s chairman Wu Dezhen and executive vice president Lin Zhong received the visit lead.

        First of all, Chairman Wu and other leaders accompanied the visiting leaders to visit our company's production site and introduced our company's series of products in detail. After returning to the meeting room, he introduced the company's current production and operation, the construction of the 100-ton line, the product market prospects and the company's strategic development plan to the visiting leaders in detail.
        Vice Mayor Shi affirmed the progress and achievements made by the company, and gave constructive opinions on the company's development positioning, expansion, and business model based on the characteristics of the product. It is recommended that we concentrate our efforts on fiber production and cooperate with downstream manufacturers; in the process of scale expansion, make greater breakthroughs in equipment and technology; explore new product business models, strengthen market development, introduce teams, and integrate technology and technology. The market is well grafted. The leaders of the city and the park both stated that they must support the development of the enterprise in many ways.
        We believe that with the support and affirmation of government leaders at all levels and the joint efforts of all employees, Jiangsu Shino New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will develop faster, more stable and better.