Good news! Won the first prize for technological progress!

Time:2023-12-09 15:35:20

On December 5th, 2023, the National Petroleum and Chemical Technology Innovation Conference was held in Wuhan. Jiangsu shino New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.'s "Key Technology Innovation and Industrialization of High end Polyimide Fiber Preparation for Complex Service Environments" project has won the first prize of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation's Science and Technology Progress Award.


Professor Wu Dezhen, the representative of the first prize for scientific and technological progress, went on stage to receive the award (Figure 5 on the left)

Preparation of high-end polyimide fibers for complex service environments

Key technological innovation and industrialization


Project Introduction

The project is based on the significant demand for high-performance fibers in China, and carries out key technology research and industrialization research on the preparation of high-strength and high modulus polyimide fibers. After more than 10 years of hard work, it has successively broken through engineering and industrialization technologies, and created a series of high-strength and high modulus polyimide fiber products with independent intellectual property rights.


High strength and high modulus polyimide fibers and products


Application fields of high-strength and high modulus polyimide fibers