The top of the polymer pyramid-polyimide

Time:2021-11-08 01:51:58

      Polyimide (PI) refers to a high molecular weight polymer containing an imide structure in the main chain of the molecular structure. Polyimide is a very large family. The main chain of high-performance PI is mostly composed of aromatic rings and hetero The ring is the main structural unit.

      PI has a high flame retardant rating (UL-94), good electrical insulation, mechanical properties, chemical stability, aging resistance, radiation resistance, low dielectric loss, and these properties are in a wide temperature range (-269℃-400℃), there will be no significant changes, and it is known as the "problem-solving expert", and its performance is at the top of the polymer material pyramid. The polyimide material has increased the average use temperature of the polymer material by more than 100°C, and has become a polymer material with good high temperature resistance that can be actually used at present.

      Polyimide fiber is an important high-performance fiber. The high temperature resistant polyimide fiber is one of the organic synthetic fibers with higher temperature. It can be used at 250~350℃. It is compatible with aramid and polyphenylene sulfide fibers in terms of light resistance, water absorption, and heat resistance. Compared with both are more superior, the strength of high-performance polyimide fiber is about 1 times higher than that of aramid fiber, and it is one of the organic synthetic fibers with better mechanical properties at present.

      Polyimide fiber plays an important role in many fields due to its excellent mechanical properties and high temperature resistance, mainly including the following aspects:

(1) Aerospace: Lightweight cable sheath, high temperature resistant special braided cable, large-caliber unfoldable satellite antenna tension cable, etc.

(2) Environmental protection field: industrial high temperature dust removal filter material.

(3) Fire-resistant materials: high-temperature-resistant and flame-retardant special protective clothing, cold-proof clothing, flame-proof clothing for racing cars, etc.



      Jiangsu Shino New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, located at No. 5-2 Lingxiang Road, Gehu Farm, Wujin Economic Development Zone, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is a company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of polyimide fibers and related products high-tech enterprises. It has built one ten-ton and two hundred-ton high-performance polyimide fiber production lines, as well as a variety of testing and characterization instruments and post-processing equipment.
      The company's core technology product, high-strength and high-modulus polyimide fiber, has now formed a series of products with various specifications.

      in,Shinofil®High-strength and high-modulus seriesThe product has the characteristics of high strength, high modulus, high toughness, low density, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, low expansion coefficient, low dielectric and low water absorption, etc., and is widely used in aerospace, transportation, electronics Electricity and security protection and other fields;
      Shinofil®high temperature resistant seriesThe product has high toughness, high and low temperature resistance(Can be used for a long time at -200~260℃), flame retardant heat insulation, ablation resistance, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, low density, low dielectric, low water absorption and other characteristics, can be Widely used in the fields of special rope coating, nuclear industry and high temperature protection;
      Zhenlun Shilon®has excellent mechanical properties, high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant and heat insulation properties, and is widely used in special protection, textiles, environmental protection, high temperature transportation, ablation resistance, friction and other fields.
      As a high-performance organic fiber with completely independent intellectual property rights, the high-strength and high-modulus polyimide fiber passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal in 2016 and is at a high level in the world. The product fills the gap in the market. "Imide filament" national standard formulation. The company has more than 20 domestic and foreign authorized patents and has completely independent intellectual property rights. In recent years, it has undertaken a number of national, provincial and ministerial-level science and technology projects, and has a research and development team composed of multiple doctors and masters. The research and development strength is strong, which helps the company's innovation and development.