Leaders from Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau and Changzhou TV Station visited and guided

Time:2021-11-08 01:42:37

        On May 11, Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau and Changzhou TV Station came to our company for an interview and report to learn about the company's major technological innovations in the development process. During the period, a field visit to the production site was carried out. Our company's general manager Sun Jiamou, executive deputy director of forest species and production director Han Enlin accompanied the tour and filming throughout the process.

        The general manager of the company, Mr. Sun Jiamou, and the production director Han Enlin were interviewed. The company’s production director Han Enlin said that the new material industry, especially the high-performance fiber industry, has always been an industry monopoly in foreign countries. We have achieved technological breakthroughs at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. We have been doing this from the laboratory stage, probably since 2006 From the beginning, it has been prepared in the laboratory from small scale to ton scale. General Manager Sun gave an overall introduction to the implementation of scientific and technological innovation projects since the establishment of the company and future development plans. Mr. Sun said that the smooth implementation of the company's project construction is inseparable from the support and services of governments at all levels. In the future, relying on government policy support, the company will continue to leverage the company’s technological and product innovation advantages, increase our R&D and product upgrades, and at the same time continue to develop downstream, and gradually form an effect of industrial agglomeration of this product for better To serve the national economy and contribute one's own strength.
        It is reported that the content of this interview will be broadcast on the news section of Changzhou TV Station from May 13-18.