The 23rd China International Composite Industry Exhibition, shino new material-high-strength polyimide fiber, booth number: A1334 (Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall 1, Hall)

Time:2021-11-08 01:42:20

        SHINO is committed to the development and preparation of high-performance polyimide fiber, and is a supplier of polyimide fiber product solutions:

        ★ A high-tech enterprise focusing on polyimide fiber and material products, providing customers with a complete set of polyimide fiber product solutions;
        ★ In-depth cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, setting up R&D centers in Beijing and Changzhou respectively, with professional R&D teams and completely independent intellectual property rights;
        ★ Three polyimide fiber production lines: ton scale, 30 ton scale (the world's first set), and 100 ton scale (completed and will be put into production soon);
        ★ Three types of polyimide fiber: high-performance polyimide long fiber, chopped fiber and pulp, lightweight and high-strength polyimide fabric;
        ★ SHILON—For the S35 series products, the breaking strength and initial modulus are respectively 3.5GPa (25cN/dtex) and 110GPa (780cN/dtex).
        Polyimide fiber has been widely used in radomes, space ropes, airship masks due to its excellent mechanical properties, weather resistance, wave transmission properties, flame retardant self-extinguishing, ultra-high and low temperature resistance, and radiation resistance. Leather materials, special clothing (space suits, fire-fighting suits, splash-proof suits, etc.), cut-resistant gloves, ablation-resistant materials and bullet-proof materials, etc.
        Jiangsu Shino New Material Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely invites you to come to the 23rd China International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition to be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on September 6-8, 2017.
        Booth number of shino new materials: A1334 (Hall 1)
        We sincerely invite you to come!